Adam and Steve

Adam wasn't having too much luck down at the Bulging Jockstrap. A few guys standing against the wall, staring into space. One guy chatting with the bartender, nobody looking approachable. Adam chugged his beer and left. All he wanted was a tall, dark-haired top to fuck him. Why should that be so hard to find?

Steve wasn't having much luck either. As he approached his favorite cruising area, he couldn't help notiing the police cars stationed at both entrances to the park. "Damn, this city needs a new mayor," he thought. "Do I have to go to San Francisco just to find some blond twink who will bottom for me?"

Adam and Steve both went back to their homes shaking their heads and saying, "This does not compute." And that gave them an idea! They turned on their computers, and within minutes of going online with QueerMatch, they had found the perfect hookup--each other. And to think that they lived in the same apartment building!

Now Steve and Adam are exploring their common interests in leather toys and watersports. Soon they may explore their common interests in sharing a place and living their lives together.

And as they settle into a lusty long-term relationship, online computer dating with QueerMatch is still there to help. Steve is turned off by cross-dressing, so Adam dresses up for his new QueerMatch buddy Darryl when Steve isn't around. And sometimes Steve isn't around because he's visiting his new QueerMatch buddy Clarence, who's really into bondage (Adam hates that).

Whatever your gay desires, just whisper them to Auntie QueerMatch and she's sure to find you exactly the right guy--or guys. You'll never have A Long Way to Go for a Date again!

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